On the main street in downtown Fergus, you can find a little shop dedicated to carrying unique products that you won’t find anywhere else. Focusing on Canadian brands, and also Canadian made – that unique item you are hunting for is sure to be found within these doors.

Melinda is co-owner of the One and Only Handmade Marketplace in downtown Fergus. After years of working in creative industry as a creative director, she sought a way to highlight and showcase various artisans in one spot – all while staying true to the idea of supporting local and supporting Canadian businesses directly.
Working alongside her sister, these two ladies came together – from different industries (one the artisan world, the other hospitality) and embraced the need and desire for eclectic one-of-a-kind gifts and items.

Like many businesses, the market felt the affects of the pandemic – as they saw their doors shut to in-store shopping due to restrictions put in place.
Like many businesses, an assessment of the way they did business had to be done, and a pivot to a new way had to happen in order for them to stay open.
With the implementation of an online store, the market was able to continue serving customers and providing the products that the community wanted. Even more so, they were able to expand into offering delivery to customers, and curbside pickup.

Even though we are slowly getting out of the need for these new measures, like many retailers, the market is maintaining their online portal – as there is still a need and want for online shopping. Also, with all the uncertainty we are facing, this allows them the opportunity to keep their doors open, and continue serving the community they have come to love.

When we asked Melinda what community meant to her, and why she choses to do business here in Fergus, this is what she had to say;

Fergus is a charming historic town, where everyone feels like a neighbor.
We are here to support one another.

To learn more or to shop online, visit their website.
Alternatively you can find them on social media on both Facebook and Instagram.


215 St. Andrew Street West
Fergus, Ontario

T: 226-962-3573