There comes a time in most peoples lives where they consider what their next step will be – over the last 2 years, this has been evident for many business owners. Fergus resident, Stephen, had this moment and saw an opportunity to embrace a hobby and help to bring “beauty” into people’s homes and special events.

An Idiot with Wood, is locally owned and operated, and specializes in the creation of various woodworking pieces, as well as other items that can be cherished for years to come.
Each piece that is produced is thoughtfully planned and crafted to ensure it will earn an honored position in the home of those who purchase them. While the idiot does make use of technology (laser engraver, CNC and other tools), they are used to enhance the craftmanship and uniqueness of each piece. The use of technology also provides the opportunity to make the final product truly unique to the owner. Imaging owning a one of a kind charcuterie board with your wedding vows engraved to commemorate your special day, or a cutting board engraved with a cherished family recipe

This small business was launched just before the pandemic hit, and as such, many challenges were faced.  At the time, he was able to generate buzz about his products and showcase by being at markets, but now with those stopped for the foreseeable future, Stephen had to pivot and adapt to a new way of marketing and selling his product.

Developing an online store, and through the use of social media, Stephen was able to continue doing what he loves to do, and creating pieces that came alongside memories.
In addition, he expanded his product line to include Jack Daniel’s whiskey barrels as well as wine barrels from wineries in Ontario.

It can be said that the community itself is what has helped to keep this business going, as it is not without the support of the community that this business has continued to grow.
With that, Stephen prides himself on sourcing local products as much as possible to create these products.

When asked if he could describe the community, and why he chooses to do business here in Centre-Wellington, Stephen had this to say;

Centre Wellington is home unique and distinct individuals, artisans and businesses who come together to form a special community of support and contributors.
No matter how big we grow, we retain our sense of worth to each other

To learn more, or to shop online visit their website.
Alternatively you can find An Idiot With Wood on social media on both Facebook and Instagram.


7135 Sideroad 10
Ariss, Ontario

T: 416-550-3105